Board Setup

  • I see that the board is fixed to the be the same every time again. I really like the random, changing boards, can we get those back?

  • @Fierce-Gran I agree i like this too!

  • Use scroll or buy the Game - simple

  • @M4RC15 Nah!

    Waste of money! Make good use of your time fellas since they've been after our money.

  • The Base game is quite cheap compared to real life board game.
    And they have made here unbelievable platform where you can connect from any device (PC, Tablet, Phone, iOS, Android or whatever), allowing a massive player pool.
    Hopefully all bugs will get fixed

    So my point is that you can try out real game experience by using scrolls
    And if you like the game itself, honestly, it is cheap to buy.

  • I noticed this too, can we have the random boards back please it makes it much more interesting and a better game.

  • M4RC15... The game only works 2% of the time. I can watch myself 'Time Out' even though I'm literally in the game looking at it. My internet is working fine, no problem streaming, no problems. This game is not working. I paid and I want my money back.

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