Punish people who leave the game and cause it to hang

  • I have found that way too often a game will start and then one of the persons leaves the game and never returns, either on purpose or because of communication problems. The software handles this in most cases but there seems to be a way for people to lose where the UI seems to confuse the UI and it doesn't time out the missing player in some cases. So, one or more remaining players have to sit around and wait to see if they are going to return and if "WE" leave, we lose ELO points.
    That is not fair.

    1. Fix the timeout so that if someone leaves, the UI can inform the server that the person hasn't returned so that appropriate action can be taken.
    2. Punish the person who left the game (loss of ELO points).

  • It happenned right now 6 times in a row!! It blocks the game and makes you waste time because the only way to notice it is by writting in the chat. A pop up comes out saying the game ended! WTF!

    Please fix this!

  • I accept that there are glitches, but not that it affects our Karma or ELO.

    ***Developers, please add a feature that we can report a game or provide a support mechanism to handle this issue so that we do not have to lose the points because of a technical glitch.

  • @HugMafia You can already block or report players. Its easy.

    • During the game: click on the players :bust_in_silhouette: avatar. Down pops a menu :page_with_curl: with several options. Click on block or report, depending on what you want to do.
    • After the game: go to the statistics page. click on the icon next to the players :bust_in_silhouette: avatar that you want :no_entry_sign: :warning: (block, report)


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