The games dice is broken, it needs to be fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have also posted this on steam so please, please, please, read and fix the game!!!!!!!

    The last week or so, the games program has either decided to or on the back of the developers instructions to just pick a random number each game and continue to roll that number all game.

    For example, my last game had the number 10 roll 8 times in a row at one stage. Another example is where the first 7 rolls were 7, then the next 8 rolls were 4. In the same game, number 5 didnt roll once until the last 2 rolls of the game. From memory, it was around 70 rolls of the dice. Its madness.

    This is not an irregular occurrence and happens each and every game. Its beyond a joke. The above examples are just two of the many times where this has happened and its turning the game into a a mess.

    Its not about who is the better player, but about who can somehow get the algorithm on their side through pure chance. The random dice generator needs to be looked at and needs to be overhauled.

    To me, and this might sound conspiracy theoryist, but its like the game just chooses someone to get a good start then eventually reigns them in back to the pack and does the same with the other players numbers.

    Im sure other players have had this happen to them as during the games there have been multiple comments. So please, if the developers see this, dont ignore it and fix it!!!!!!!!!!!

    update: played another game and after 28 rolls, number 6 rolled a total of 0 times along with 3 and 12. number 9 rolled once.

    In that time, number 4 rolled 8 times, the second closest was number 5 with 4 times

    6 finally rolled on the 29th turn.

    This proves the game is broken.

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