All of my games are dying within the first couple rounds

  • My last several attempts to play a game have failed.

    The game launches, we all choose our spots. Sometimes there are a few dice rolls, sometimes not. And then ... nothing. A players has a turn and the timer runs out. No kick-timer, nothing. Time stops, all activity has stopped. I try to add something to chat, and I get the message that the match has ended.

    This was happening this morning too. And my last three launched games tonight.

    Anyone else having this problem?

  • 4th time in a row, just now ... one dice roll then BOOM - game over. There is no indication that any player has left. And these are both 3 and 4 player games. It's not like everyone rage-quit right after beginning. I am on a PC with an excellent connection, it is not a connectivity issue. Something is amiss with this site/game - as usual:(

  • 5th time in a row.

    I asked in chat, others are having the same problem.

    Does anyone read these posts?

  • I'v experienced the same. But only once. I mean it is not the typical froze of the game because you cannot write anything in chat, it gives you a log that the game has ended. As I understood they released HotFix which cancels games that don't start normally (without loosing ELO)
    When you quit (only option that you can do at that point) you lose ELO, so the game has not really ended (Maybe other players play w/o you?)
    5 times can be really frustrating, what happened with your ELO after this?

  • @M4RC15 it goes way down! i'm sick at home anda finished only one game in 5 hours! its absurd!

  • This game absolutely sucks after the webgame changed into this look.

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