Arrival on Catan/Tutorials refusing to load. Unable to progress upon first install. Pathetic.

  • Hello there, extremely unhappy with the result. I thought of downloading it after my girlfriend had it, and figured at least this way we could play it together. Since you do need 3+ players... ah well, if a game I've seen bouncing around the app store for over a year? can't even get things that should just load automatically to function, what hope do I have? It seems that this has been an issue for awhile, and there is no real fix?

    Searching for alternatives, as I see no other choice if I want to play Settlers with my girl digitally.

  • I'm getting the exact same thing.. on iOS AND on the web. It seems tutorials aren't working for anyone on all platforms? Surely this should be a P1 issue for them to fix!?

  • YES - just downloaded myself hoping to start playing on my phone, keeps freezing/not loading.

  • The patch resolving the tutorial issue will be available today. Thank you very much for your patience.

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