Add an option to play only with players with similar ELO, please

  • Hi,
    my Elo in the base game is around 1150 and it often happens to me to find myself in a game with opponents with ELO around 970, 990, sometimes also with players with no ELO at all, just on the first 5 games of understanding.
    The matter is, if I win I "only" win 4,XX points, but if I loose or even I get only second, I will loose 10 or sometimes 11 points.
    Why don't you ad a button, an option, to play only with players with similar ELO?
    Like the option to play only with friens or with players with similar Karma.
    Thanks for readind

  • @ergot74 But there are so many players who loose ELO because of server malfunctions... I cannot take ELO seriously.

  • Hi @administrators , any chance to see somithing similar done?

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