Dice needs to be fixed. Rigged for one number over and over again.

  • Please fix the Dice RNG in this game else people will just stop playing the game.
    I had 2 games in a row where "4" was rolled in total 12-15 times while the "8" was only rolled twice to five times.
    Either the dice has been rigged by other players through scripts or this is just a complete disaster on the dice RNG.

    Please fix it ASAP!!!

  • This post is deleted!

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  • @Kylee13 the dice ARE fixed. I just lost a 14 point game where I was leading 13-7. From that point, I got 7ed every. Single. Time I got 8 resources, got nailed with every knight card, the dice rolled my resources covered by the robber, and every theft was a critical resource for what I needed to end the game.

    The whole online Catan package is rigged, and the dice and development cards make no pretense at randomness. It’s a sham.

  • @Doc-B. Yeah, this is a very obvious and very commonly observed issue, both here and in their reviews. It is not that the dice are rigged in general, it is that they have a "catch up algorithm" that is invoked once a player gets a substantial lead. The distribution is usually decent (unless you are in card stack mode, which is not a blatant rigging so much as a bad algorithm) until a player gets a large lead. Then all players that are behind start getting 7s and stealing from the player with the large lead. Another thing I have observed is that the player with the large lead only gets a 7 when they will have to throw away resources. I stated their algorithm that they posted and broke it down into logic steps and showed where the algorithm doesn't work like they designed or originally intended and they just delete the post. I truly think that if their dirty laundry is aired, they want to censor, pretend it doesn't exist and then hope that the knowledge isn't too far spread.

  • Okay, I’m done with Catan. The dice are rigged. I can tell you which numbers will be rolled the most, right from the initial settlement placement. It will NEVER favor the human player: any high-probability number he has, 4-6 or 8-10, will INVARIABLY be the least-rolled of those six. The rolls became even more biased whenever the human player takes the lead.

    No more. Fix it.

  • @AllenInSLC Totaly agree with you, just lost game whereas i was leading the game by far (9/4/4/3). At this time and As if by chance the Dice have become very friendly with my opponents :) Every fuck**** round i was robbed by other or i get a 7 when i had 8 or more cards ... the game has entered in a loop until one of my opponent get 5 9 in a row (nulber i didn't have) and finally got 19 cards without a 7 and he wins 10/9/7/7 lol

    i'm really fed up with this rigged algorithm and i it was not the first time that this happened to me. On the other hand I already have won games when the leader should have won easily

  • Lol

    Sometimes picture worth a thousand words


    2 - 0
    3 - 1
    4 - 4
    5 - 5
    6 - …. 21 looooool
    7 - 8
    8 - 6
    9 - 7
    10 - 4
    11 - 1
    12 - 3

    At least 6 6 in a raw during the last rounds. IAget 29 cards at the end lol


  • The dice rolling in this game is beyond bad. I just played a game and in 57 total rolls 8 was not rolled.... 8... one of the most likely to be rolled numbers, was never rolled once. HOW?

    Two years later and this pathetic attempt at RNG continues to make the game unplayable combined with terrible AI comps.

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