Dice needs to be fixed. Rigged for one number over and over again.

  • The dice needs to be changed. Whatever algorithm you have for it SUCKS. There is no way in a normal game does a "6" get rolled five times the same way in a row. Highly unlikely. I have noticed this with other numbers as well. Seriously needs to be changed. Ruins the game.

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  • @Mashyyy @M4RC15 @Developers @administrators I can confirm this observation. :ballot_box_with_check: In the last month, it seemed as if every other game was plagued with these extremely unlikely :game_die: dice series. The number changes, but the phenomenon appears sometimes several times in one game. (e.g. 9 rolls 5x, then 12 rolls 2x, then 8 rolls 3x) The dice just keeps repeating itself. This is especially funny when a number with very low probability is picked, like 2, 3, or 11, or 12. What are the odds for a number like to rolls several times in a row? Yet it happens a lot. Espescially at Cities and Knights, this can totally unbalance a game.

  • I can concur and I think this is part of a larger algorhythm scheme. Ive seen so many games where new players pick REALLY bad numbers but then end up winning or almost winning because of the Dice algorhythm. Even yesterday a player with <1000 ELO picked 3/4/6 & 3/4/11 without any wheat or sheep and no port, lost his city on the first robber, and still ended up winning because 3/4/11 kept rolling over and over and over again: 9x3 9x4 12x11(!!!) with hardly any 6 or 8. I even made a screenshot of the dice outcome because it was as unlikely as winning the lottery.

    Almost every time I see this happen, its a <1000 ELO player getting lucky.
    In my opinion the dice are rigged in favour of new players to give them a fun time when learning, which ends up in more (paying) users for them.
    This wouldn't be such a problem for me if there would be enough high ELO players to play against regularly, but in C&K for example, this rarely is the case.
    Most of the time youre matched up against low ELO players, if you're not unlucky you end up winning and gain +3 elo, but lots of times a newb gets lucky and you lose 10-12..

    I also see other patterns in dice and game that for me takes out all the fun, cause its clear very little is random.
    If you end up without ore in a game for example, you can bet on it that you will recieve a mining card. No wheat? You'll get irrigation like crazy :)
    If you get a spy, most times, another (lower ELO ranked) guy gets a spy too, and he can play it before you do.
    Not to mention AI players that would rather pick from the guy with 4 points than the guy with 12 points, this should be so easy to fix!

    You might think all this is paranoid, but all I can say is on playcatan i never saw this behaviour, and i won a LOT more games.
    Either i suddenly got way worse when this platform got introduced, or somethings really up with how the game works here!

  • The dice is so horribly designed. I haven't had a single game where it was balanced. Not ONE. The game is great, but the dice singlehandedly ruins so many games its awful. Its always 2 numbers that get rolled over and over and over.

    How cant they fix this? It literally takes 4 games to notice this pattern.

  • True. It seems to decide which 2 numbers are going to get rolled the most. There is no point in playing the odds, which really takes all the strategy and fun out of the game. They get a lot of complaints about this, but never seem to fix it.

  • I can't post images or I'd put up the screen shot of the game I just had. The dice algorithm is utter garbage despite their constant denials. Here are the rolls from my last game.

    2 - 1
    3 - 4
    4 - 3
    5 - 3
    6 - 19
    7 - 17
    8 - 2
    9 - 6
    10 - 2
    11 - 3
    12 - 1

    Fix this trash already!!

  • I have a theory based on my many games mostly against AI. The dice algorithm is bias as part of the game difficulty. Bias die rolls that favor AI over player is an easy way to adjust difficulty where the fair way, in many opinions, is to program better AI.

    One way they could do this without appearing too bias would be that dice rolling routine rolls twice and chooses the number that is least beneficial to the players and/or most beneficial to the AI. Could also be tweaked to benefit the player with bad numbers and low ELO. The roll twice, pick two AI 'cheat' would be bias but not obviously so. Especially if it didn't do it on every roll, but just enough to appear balance.

    I do want to hedge and say this could all be the 'Backgammon Illusion'. When backgammon was very popular on the internet, there were players complaining about seeing double sixes 3-6 times in a row which is astronomically rare.' A few players saw this happened and would report the dice were bias or not random. The problem wast that there were millions of games playing every day such an occurrence was likely to happen somewhere. Thus the illusion that the dice were not fair. Sort of like the odds of winning the lottery are ridiculous, but with the number of tickets sold and the number of drawings (daily/weekly) the big prize will be given out from time to time.

    So, hopefully I and a few others are victims of bad rolls in the big scheme of things, but a part of me sees this often enough that I have my doubts.

  • Even i concer to this. The last game i played, 11 never got rolled in over 100 chance. I even have a screenshot and then number 5,9,10 came twice or thrice combined in last 50 odds amd i end up losIng when i was way ahead. Sometimes i feel like throwing away the device. Why didni pay so mucn to get this bullshit game.

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  • I also think the dice odds can lean against you. I just finished a game where I had 9 points with other players having 4 and 5 points. I had almost all the numbers on the board except 6. For the remainder of the game mostly 6 and 9 Was rolled. 6 and 9 are sheep and wood. Each of the other players have a wood port or a sheep port. These numbers were rolled until I lost. No way in a real game a player would lose being 1 point away from winning and at least a 4 point gap between other players.

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  • No for real. I searched this up because how can a 7 be rolled four times in a row. Do the statistics Catan seriously. It’s a 1/1296 chance to roll a 7 four times in a row, that is .0007716% chance. It’s honestly the most unfair game and it really has ruined my experience playing this game. I like the board game itself because... well least it’s fair. I don’t know what kind of algorithm this is but it needs to change.

  • We play the board game frequently and we have had four 7's in a row more than once playing in real life. We have had games where six or eight was only rolled a few times. When this happens we often joke that we need our random number generating cubes fixed.

    The thing about statistics is that you need huge sample sizes (a few to several thousand) before the calculations actually start to be useful predictors. For small sample sizes (a couple hundred) statistical calculations are pretty useless.

    Keep in mind that the dice do not have memory. They have no idea what was rolled previously. Each roll is an independent event, and the most likely result of any given roll is that a seven will come up

  • I would like also to share my frustration with the dice: there are games in which the numbers that come out form the dice are statistically very improbable. It really lets me in quiet frustration for having made choices of terrains based on the numbers in these.

    As ohter members have posted, I would like to request the administrators to really take a deep analysis of whatever algorithm is being used for the dice. Thank you in advance.

  • Ya the dice RNG is VERY BAD and ruins the game. 3 or 4 numbers just roll over and over and over in each game, thus anyone on whatever hot numbers happen to be for that game win in a landslide mean while no one else gets any cards. I just had 27!!!!!!!!!! 7's in one game mean while 5 6 and 8 9 rolled under 7 times each PLEASE CHANGE THIS AND FIX THE GAME!

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