Players are still not being kicked and now my stats are going down

  • Players are still not being kicked nor is AI taking over when they either don't move or lose connection. I choose to not sit there waiting forever after the timer is way over and leave and now my stats are going down. Weren't you supposed to have fixed this by now?

  • bumpitty bump

  • How come there is no response to this. I just had this happen this morning. Red player timer expired and it never made their play and advanced. Sat there for 5 minutes... red player just spinning. Closed app, re-entered, put me back in game... red player still spinning. I click to exit and get threatened to have ELO reduced. Can your software not tell when it is in this state and end the game? Sad thing... played for like 40 minutes, it was 9 to 9 and I had resources to build! Pretty sad.

  • Its been going on for years not, i dont understand why there is no fix. But the worse or many glitches is when randomly for no reason the game kicks you out for, "disconnected from internet for too long" when obviously the internet was working perfectly. You lose 12 ELO points in the first round of the game, ridiculous!

  • It is indeed riduculous and spoils the game.

    The good thing is that they had been working on it a lot and as of result the number of frozen games is reduced.

    But the number of FrozenGames must be 0.
    Or if the problem is the interaction of multiple platfrom (iOS, Android, Windows, WebBrowser) then there must be somekind of algorythm which detects a player who’s turn timer goes more than 90 seconds. And then automatically /reload the game for everyone and keep playing. It shouldn’t be that hard line of code, should it?

    Also always encourage every player to write /reload or to reconnect by closing the app/windows/browser. Because if “the frozen player” re-loggs the game again turns back to normal. Even you can be “the frozen player” not knowing it (even if the turn timer “seems” to be frozen on someone else).
    So yea, automatic /reload after 90+ sec on timer sounds as a fair fix to me.

  • We're just starting in the Seafares Seasons and it's happening now, user leluckie1 is afk for over 15 minutes and forced players to quit and lose 12 ELO in the tournament. Why isn't the 90 sec turn timer working? An AI should have taken over - is this a strategy to win games?

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