Can't roll dice after resuming offline game

  • I'm new to Catan Universe (android) and I just started playing "arrival on Catan" campaign. Everytime I quit the game and resume back to the recent game it will just stuck back to the recent status but left you no options to roll dice (bottom right dice icon is empty), can't trade, can't build things. Basically the game just stuck there. There is no options to restart the game neither. I have to force deleting the local game data on my phone, log back in to my account and restart to the recent level again.

    Considering this game has been developed for years and critical issue like this still happens, the developer making this game is utterly poor.

    You have to pay me to make me continue to play this game, not the other way round. Glad I have not paid anything as yet.

  • administrators

    @superivanho We are aware of corrupted savegame when users leave games in certain situations. This issue will be resolved in the next update.