Game is still completely buggy 🐛

  • Heads up. Still experiencing the exact same issues. You took 4 weeks and showed us lots of data but you didn’t find root cause & fix the bugs that make this game rot & fester.

  • Yup, avoided this game for close to a month. Decided to give it a try, I like the random map. However, I just got randomly kicked out in the middle of the game and lost elo points. Once a piece of shit, always a piece of shit.

  • Exactly. Game is still garbage. They don’t care so I’m not even sure why I give a damn anymore.

    I’m done commenting here. I’ll just continue to trash their ratings on the iOS App Store.

    Anyone else tired of the shit show & feel ripped off: do the same thing as me. Don’t comment here. No one gives a damn here & their “email” support is total crap too. Don’t waste your time.

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