Spinning Wheel of Death: Feb 9 update

  • The main reason single player mode is so frustrating to play is the game frequently hangs with a "spinning wheel of death" in the lower right hand corner.

    It happens when an AI player is taking their turn. They simply take forever and the game must be abandoned. I've waited up to 24 hours to see if it gets resolved, but no luck, the game is porked.

    I understand this bug has been around a long time, but I thought I'd add some observations that may help find it:

    1. Using the Activity Monitor under the latest version of OSX and the Firefox browser I see the CPU cycles associated with the Catan web app are substantial and remain that way indefinitely after the game hangs.

    2. I have a screenshot that shows the game hung at the point when an AI player was choosing an Aqueduct resource. I can send the screenshot to the support email if developers think it would help. The screenshot shows the game log right where it got hung.

    3. This condition seems to arise in about 15-20% of single player games, it's not limited to a particular scenario, it's an equal opportunity bug.


  • Forgot to mention, the game log shows it is always a non-active player receiving a resource from the aqueduct right before the game gets hung like John Wayne Bobbitt

  • This is extremely frustrating and didn’t seem to be present before the last server down day. Happened to me in 3 different games in last 24 hours

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