Feedback on deficiencies

  • This interface was clearly designed to be visually appealing, but lacked in common sense and game dynamics.

    See below a short and non comprehensive list of general deficiencies in the gameplay:

    1. The character models should not pick their nose every 15 seconds.... it's really awkward
    2. There is no functional need for animations for virtually any action. I.e. placing settlements and roads, allocating cards at beginning of game, trading cards.
    3. Trading should allow 2 way trading, not one way. It is no longer negotiating and thus has become an almost mundane operation.
    4. Knowing when it is your turn needs to be more obvious
    5. Knowing what resource cards you have in your stack needs to be easier to see. Any more than a couple of cards, and they become cluttered and hidden
    6. The game should not pan to another "section" on the screen for choosing roads / settlements. It is disorienting, and time consuming with no functional value.
    7. The confirmation feature is a good one when selecting placements on the board, however, the location of the confirmation button and the animations reduce the value of the function to 0 through delays and time consumption
    8. I get that you're trying to monetize it, however, if you continue to offer a freeplay version, it would be nice to have some general parameter selections.

  • Oh I forgot:

    1. The viewing angle of the board is nice, however, the zoom / size should also be adjustable. You cannot see the full board when set at your monitor's native resolution (actually you cannot set to most ppl's native resolution). Not sure why you do not offer a 1920 x 1080 view as most monitors are as such now.

  • Love the new interface!

    I agree that some kind of "end turn" or "your turn" sound would be helpful. The dice icon goes unnoticed if you're not watching for it.

    Would also like to see an option to counter-trade and offer trades when not your turn. Thanks!

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