Pretty hard to find someone to play Rivals

  • I love the Rivals of Catan (or "for Catan") game, but it's really difficult to find someone who's interested in playing nor even know how to play. They just enter the game, do nothing, then they're kicked out and I "win".
    I hardly ever find someone who knows how and wants to play.
    I'm tired to play against the AI.

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    @vinitapioca ou might want to check out our community discord server to find new people to play with:

  • @vinitapioca I have the same problem. But I can get custom games :envelope: with other fans of Rivals, usually by arranging a playdate :calendar: with players on my friends :two_women_holding_hands: list. If you want, I can add you to my friends list.

  • Friend me and then send message or invite when you are online

  • @Rumpelstilzchen me too plz

  • @Rumpelstilzchen yes, please, you could add me as a friend

  • @vinitapioca @Kindness Maybe you 2 are intrested in joining our Community called King of Catan. That is a growing Community on Discord (= like a chatting plattform): we are scheduling games/ask for other players and than you play the game mode you prefere. 👍
    It is for sure probably worth checking it out and is a good way to get a game mode. 😉
    If you are intrested in joining us or want further details, just write me a message here. 😊

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  • @Rumpelstilzchen me too please, I have the same problem!!

  • Ich biete mich auch als Freund an.

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