Multiplayer Bug

  • You have a major flaw in your multiplayer game. Your multiplayer timeouts don't work.

    If a player joins a game and abandons it the turn timeout doesn't do anything. You as the other player can't leave the game because you will lose karma and points. But the timeout for the player who isn't responsive doesn't work so there is no other way to get around that but to quit the current game.

    Why don't you fix your timeouts so that the player loses their turn or gets kicked out of the game? What is the point of the turn timer if it doesn't do anything?

  • This game is also racist, the dice hates a certain type of skin color.

  • @Gumpt1ous_v2 Which one ? I only see the dice :game_die: roll absurd :bar_chart: statistics, (e. g.same number rolls 10 times in a row), but I have not noticed any preferences. And I play a lot.

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