Enhancement Suggestion

  • Can you build an enhancement in the system where if someone trades someone for game, they get banned from live games until they win 10 single player games. @administrators @Developers

  • @Yeloow82 I dont understand what you mean. :confused: :question: Are you against trading with each other? That is a vital part of the game. Why should players be banned for that?

  • @Rumpelstilzchen I am saying if someone trades someone and that person goes out on that turn. It basically trading someone for game. Say for example I have 9 points and I am asking for sheep....clearly I need a sheep to build a settlement for the game. Someone trades me the sheep, I build the settlement and win the game. Same with me at 8 point and I need one road to win longest road and someone trades me a brick or woods and I go out. The amount of times that someone trades with someone who has the potential to win on that turn for a site that is completely devoted to one game, is unreal.

  • @Yeloow82 Hm, I think I understand. You mean that trading with someone late in the game, in a way that enables that player to win, should be banned?
    But how do you ban stupidity? :question: :dizzy_face: :thought_balloon: I remember when I was starting :girl: to play, I made many mistakes like that. :poop: (Sometimes I still do).
    I don` t think a player should be banned for inexperience. :baby: :no_entry_sign:
    After all, if the ELO would represent the skill of a player and not the times the connection failed, we would be matched accordingly.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen I am not saying banned for life, I am saying clearly they need more experience. If the site is not going to either let us see their ELO prior to joining or limit the ELO on the game settings, how do we allow people to join games that are "in their skill level". There is clearly a you need to learn the game better and it's no better than playing with computer who pointlessly builds roads and don't understand strategy. It has an impact on the game when you get someone who doesn't know how to play.

  • It seems like a lobby would solve this issue. A solution that was asked for by the users 3 years ago but the administrator is just covering his ears and will not even try to see how it would benefit everyone.

  • @Stroom yeah I was the one who asked/suggested a lobby. LOL

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