• I simply cannot believe how horrible the server has been in past months. Is there anyone is charge of it?!?!?!??! Or are we just buying a shitty game that never gets fixed?!??! It's revolting because back when the game was FREE it worked perfectly well. So how is it possible that now that we are actually PAYING for it it's SHIT?

  • @administrators i'm always getting kicked out when the internet is perfectly fine and automatch is not working.... if this is how it's going to be...FINE!! Then just go back to being free

  • I paid last month ... I think a payback will be fair... only troubles ...
    Lately, it doesn t work at all...

  • They do not care.

    Leave negative reviews on Steam, Android, etc. That's the only way that they -may- end up caring in the future. Exozet is a software consulting company; if potential clients see how horrible their software solutions are, they may, eventually, but probably not, care.

  • I totally agree on this.
    This issue or bug is effecting me big time. I have had this game for a while and been playing it through my scrolls until recently I bought the expansion and now I wish I hadn’t. I would love if they can fix this otherwise money back please.
    It’s either the game starts and a play failed to make his placement even though their time is up and we can not kick or drop them or ‘can’t reach server’ thing pops up when “auto matching”.
    Tried whispering the player but it says they are offline.

    I have lost over 100 ELO pts already over this. Even though I don’t really care about the points, but the problem is that I can’t even play the game. I’m currently working in Japan and between 8pm- 8am is unplayable.

    I have emailed the support a few days ago and heard nothing back!!

    I just want my money back now if you don’t care about your customers.

  • Same problem here. When I log out, I can play a Free-Match immediatly. But when I log in, I cannot start any Multiplayer-Game. Always the Message, that the Server cannot be reached. It's f***ing annoying! I payed so much money for this! :angry:

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