Haven't been able to start a C&K game for a couple of days

  • things were working ok in the browser until everyone got back from holidays...now I can't start a game at all...it also booted me when trying to start...right before things went bad. Am I the only one? It would be really great if ya'll could just say..hey, its broke...we are fixing it...don't bother today to try...all these problems do is make us frustrated and resentful. We paid for a product that doesn't work...be honest about that...tell us the bad news...we can take it...but do what it takes to FIX this game, cause we love Catan. We will be loyal and spread the word...but you gotta get it working!!! If its gonna take a year of shut down to build the game properly...OK...do it...but this has been a perpetual problem from the get go. Tell us what's wrong please!!!

  • The problem is you paid money for it.

  • exactly!!!! any feedback @administrators ??

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