Automatch Broken

  • The automatch is broken, I have not been able to get into a game at all tonight. Sometimes it appears to be loading, and then suddenly stops, other times it says I've lost my connection to the game, though I still have full internet bars, and other times I click the automatch button, and nothing happens.

  • @smdavis I have encountered this bug :bug: since quite a while. My usual fix :ambulance: is logout/login again. Sometimes I have to repeat the process, but eventually I can get a match and play. :smiley_cat:

  • I have the SAME issue every single time I play. I have written in to get help with this issue but no luck. I too try to log out, log back in, etc. I try everything but usually I can only play 1 automatch game and then it won't work again.
    Has anyone ever heard back from developers on this? It's absurd. The free version that was closed down for this app worked 100% of the time when I played it. This is such a rip off to pay for this and it works almost never.

  • @PlanetB12 The hotfix should adress the issue. Lets see if it comes through. Keeping my fingers crossed. :pray:

  • See the following topic - you just have to log out and log back in to reestablish the server connection.

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