AFK players (or just game freezes) constantly

  • I see that other people have mentioned this, but it's still happening all the time. The following sequence is incredibly common:

    • Start a new game
    • One or two players place their first settlement
    • The other player does nothing
    • The turn timer goes all the way around, completes its cycle
    • Nothing happens
    • Nothing happens, stuck forever
    • Players have to quit out and take karma/ELO hits
    • The player who didn't play is credited with a "win" once everyone else quits

    This is making the game basically not worth playing. It's been this way for quite a while. Will it ever be fixed?

    Playing in browser, Firefox and Mac, if it helps.

  • The situation you describe is incredibly common. It usually takes 6-10 attempts and 45 - 60 minutes to actually get into a match that ends up being played!

    Just now, I was launched into a four player Auto match. The moment the game screen opened, all three of my opponents were displayed as being on countdown timers! I just shook my head and left, taking the usual karma hit.

    Karma/ELO means nothing in this game. I gave up on that system long ago.

    The game/client simply does not recognized player connectivity. There SHOULD be a multi-stage "ping test" happening during the matching process: once when the person first queues, the next just before placing them into a game. This ensures that players entering games have been "pre certified" as having a live connection. There is absolutely no reason for what is happening currently in this game.

    These matches are simply too easy come/easy go right now. Don't like the board? Your turns position? The spaces you were forced to take? No problem, just leave and start searching for a new game. There is no consequence. And there never WILL be consequence until they get the tech matters under control. IF they can ensure connectivity prior to launching a match, THEN they can introduce a carrot/stick system designed to motivate players to stay with matches once they have been launched: an early leave will earn one a 20 minute lockout for the first offense within 24 hours, 60 minutes for the second offense, 120 minutes for the third and maybe you're locked out for 24 hours once you've hit four early leaves. BUT - again - they'd have to solve their massive tech difficulties before they even think about launching such a system or this game will become truly worthless to remaining players.

    Great game, but this is a mess. I purchased the app but cannot play on it so I play under the paid account using Firefox (game won't launch on Chrome). Frustrating as all hell, tbh.

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