Cant play automatch

  • When I click on play automatch option - nothing happens. Pls help what to do.

  • I have had the same problem on Windows 10/Steam for three days. The app is connecting with Catan servers - I can see this in my network monitor - I get no further than clicking the Autoplay or Custom buttons.

  • @n00b_a.q. @Remahcable I encountered this bug, :bug: too.
    Fix: :ambulance: logout/ login again. If necessary, repeat process. Works for me.

  • There is no solution that works consistently. The only reason I ever even try to play is because it is catan and that is a great game. This app sucks. It is so frustrating. You never know if you are going to finish a game and at this point it is rare that everyone makes it through the first couple rounds. With all these problems, it seems like it is not ethical to even continue to take new players’ money that buy the app. They should shut it down.

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