Still no solution.

  • I don't know why the developers of this game send a global msg to everyone saying they are fixing the issues with the servers when they never do anything.

    I am looking at threads from nearly three years ago of people complaining about game freezing or kicking them out for no reason. AND still today we are having issues. Wtf ? This is stupid. I got kicked out of 7 consecutive games in a row just now and was penalized on my ELO for all 7 of them. Fix your damn game or shut it down completely. This is like stealing money from customers.

  • @Fuz10n From what I understand, the code :spaghetti: is the problem, it takes up way too much resources.
    Just buying more server space wont fix it. It has to be redone from scratch to weed out old garbage code :bug: . That job will take quite a while. :calendar: :calendar:
    Meanwhile, I would rather play a buggy game than no Catan at all, :scream_cat: and I suppose many other Catan-addicts :heart_eyes_cat: will agree.
    So please, no shutting down! :pray:
    But to ask players for money :moneybag: to join a season that cannot be :pouting_cat: fair because of all the bugs,:bug: :bug: :bug: that is not ok. It should not happen again.

  • Well, there are quite many better alternatives but we are not allowed to talk about those in this form... A recently added new rule, probably to prevent a mass abandonment of this platform.

  • Thats bullshit. If you guys have a better solution. You have to tell us. We pay you for this garbage and you cant give us our moneys worth because of a rule? No.

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