Commodity problems

  • I realize this game has it's issues. However the joy of using commodities to advance and get development cards cannot be enjoyed when I can't even cash in my commodities! Stuck here with 1 paper, unable to cash it in. Then I get another paper..still can't cash any in. Now I have 4 paper,,not able to cash in.

    Is this an issue across the board for other players as well?

    ~Frustrated Catan player in Calgary, AB

  • @ELoRPS It happens when you trade for a commodity for me:
    always when I trade for on of them I can sometimes not use it. Sometimes it works when you select it more often than once. Same goes with Knights when you trade for wheatand want to activat it. 😕

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  • Just bought the game last week and this same thing is happening to me. I guess they still haven't fixed it. Really lame. Makes the game unplayable in single player mode.

  • I’m having the exact same problem. It’s so frustrating!

    Please fix this bug, Catan!!!

  • same problem here... in single player mode. awaiting the fix!

  • I have the same problem, can't use commodity, mostly after trade. This is unplayable, very disappointed

  • Same thing is happening today for me. V frustrating. Cannot click on the commodities halfway into the game.

  • PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!!! Makes the game unenjoyable when you have enough committees are are unable to put them to use!!!. Please fix ASAP!!! Thank you!

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