Automatch is not working

  • The only style of game I can play on my desktop version is single player. Even though I have a connection, I cannot get matched to other players. Is this being fixed?

  • Me too. I have had the same problem on Windows 10/Steam for three days. The app is connecting with Catan servers - I can see this in my network monitor - I get no further than clicking the Autoplay or Custom buttons.

    Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't remove the problem.

  • @Remahcable try logout/login again.

  • I have tried several things without any change and now the same problem I have on Windows is affecting me on the iOS app::

    • tried different expansions: base game, seafarers, knights, etc
    • logged out and logged back in.
    • Uninstalled the app and reinstalled it.
    • Restarted my computer as well.

  • same here ...

  • Seit 4 Wochen kann ich keine Partie spielen, da sich das Spiel ständig aufhängt und Fehlermeldungen erbringt. Manchmal funktioniert das Spiel 10-20 Minuten und dann geht es nicht weiter, obwohl mein Internetempfang sehr gut ist.
    Findet es sehr ärgerlich das es nicht funktioniert, obwohl ich es käuflich erworben habe!

  • It also annoying that there doesn't seem to be any way to report problems and get them fixed. Or have I missed something?

  • @Remahcable You can write directly to support. :mailbox: But they are not in during weeekends, either.

  • Catan Support got me to log out and log back in. I had tried that but they have made some server changes because it worked on my iPad.

    I haven't tried it yet on Windows/Steam because online multiplayer is working better than it ever has: I've had five games in a row without any interruption. Hooray.

  • This is still an issue

  • I've been having this problem too 😕
    Can't get a multiplayer match going

  • administrators

    @Bigglies @Tim-Coxon please check your filters. If friends or guild is activated it is very likely you won´t find opponents. You might have to scroll down the filters to see them, depending on your device.

  • @Administrator ah ha, that worked. Not sure why Guild was on, but it was. Thank you!

  • @administrators it will not let me join an automatch.

  • "Searching for opponents"......

    What has happened to the game? Whenever I try to play lately it just says searching for opponents....??!!

    I a trying to play seafarers and just been looking at the swirly search sign for 20 minutes already!

  • I've tried all the tips and nothing is working. I'm unable to connect with anyone in the Auto-Match mode (my Guild option is OFF, I checked twice). I've even installed the Steam version (nothing) and removed all cookies from my browser, but nothing seems to help.

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