AI players get more ships than human player: screenshots available, clearly shows the bug

  • AI players get more ships than human player:

    I have screenshots that clearly show that AI players are allowed more ships than the human player. These screenshots show the entire extent of the playing area. In them you'll see the following:

    pink 16 ships total: 9 available, 7 on the board
    green 15 ships total: 1 available, 14 on the board
    yellow 16 ships total: 3 available, 13 on the board
    red 12 ships total: zero available, 12 on the board

    The red player is the human (me)

  • administrators

    @huck42 it would be great if you could send over the screenshot to

  • sent. thanks for the quick response!


  • I have screenshots of ai trading resources on the very first move that it didnt get upon pawn placement.

    And, a screenshot of ai constructing road on water xD

    almost as if the ai cheats on higher difficulties.

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