Game freezes for more than 50% of the time, ELO points lost, waste of time

  • Well I guess I'm not the only one with this problem, but it can't hurt to express my frustration... I'm a Catan player from the early beginning, been playing the base game for a long time and experienced some bugs occasionally which is annoying but still manageable. Since recently I purchased both the Seafarer and Knights editions and that's where the shit really hit the fan.... When playing Knights more than 50% of the games started end in abort, whil still being in the placement phase or worse while having played for a long period and then later on in the game it freezes or AI doesn't take over becuase a player leaves etc.

    And this is the case in AT LEAST 50% of the games. But what's even worse is that somehow also ELO points get deducted while I am not the reason why the game is aborted and some other player leaves.

    Also the time spent on playing and then seeing a prolonged game aborted is a pure waste of time. I have not paid money to waste my time like this or get a reduction of my ELO points as a 'reward' for wasting my time.

    Contacting support does not result in ANY response either. So get the game working!!!! If you are unable to get the game working you should refund the money paid or at least offer the special scenario's and Inka game for free!

  • Totally agree with everything mentioned here. The crashing is not great. Would like it fixed. Seems there are more bugs with every 'upgrade' that's released.

  • I have been playing seafareers and facing the same issue . Lost over 60 elo points for the same reason . No result from emailing them either . I have also paid for it and this problem is quite major .

  • @pitsi Did you try to refresh?
    Instead of ending the game,

    • you press f4 and alt key simultanously.
    • the screen turns white, the app closes
    • just restart the app.

    Sometimes this helps. Sometimes it does not, :pouting_cat: and you still have to end the game. :crying_cat_face:

  • This has happened to me and also my account seems to be frozen.
    2 weeks ago I had 10 games in a row aborted. Lost major elo and karma.

    Now I have played for over a week and my elo and karma won’t change at all.

    Is someone messing with my account. I am paying for base seafarer and knights.

    This is so frustrating that I barely want to play. Where can I get help. Please!!!!

  • During the C&K flash season, with some freezes, 2 losses were counted afterwards but my 2 wins and one 2nd place were not counted. After 5 games my ELO should be 1009 but I’m stuck 988. This completely ruins it. I wrote an email to support with expectation they fix during season. If not, I see no point in further playing the game anymore, the fun is gone if you only get punished and not rewarded.

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