Game is stuck and when i want to type it say's the game has ended

  • Hi, i have had a game several times which is stuck at a point and then when i type something it say's the game has ended, while it seems that one player has to make a move, meanwhile my ELO has dropped while i have never quit a game. also many games are ended before i have even placed a single game piece.

    Where is the place to get mij Fair ELO back? and when will this game function properly?

    I still remember the Catan Online World years ago which worked properly, with even more games and functions, how is this possible?

  • @Link That bug :bug: is well documented and many players lost Elo that way.

  • @boli-wimo If they have nothing better to do... :sleeping: I would rather actually play Catan :game_die: :smiley_cat: than wasting my precious time :hourglass_flowing_sand: just to get some shady ELO Points.

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