• My friends and I LOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE Catan! We're all over the place now, and this game really is bringing us all closer together. The issue we're having now, is too many of us want to play! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Get the 5-6 player expansion up and running!

  • Don't hold your breathe, this game can barely support 3 players consistently.

  • Agreed. We're all stuck inside because of covid-19. Please add the 5-6 player expansion. We're happy to pay for it.

  • Please add this option! Even for four player games, trying to play past 10VP on the base island is pretty difficult.

  • Definitely want 6 players!!! The game is actually not longer with 6 players because people can build between turns. We find the game is actually faster with 6 players when we play the actual boardgame.

  • @P3tra I don't need the multicatan part. I just want to be able to have 5 or 6 players in regular Catan. All playing at once seems way too hectic to me. The point for us is to hang out with friends online while this COVI19 lockdown is in place. We just want a focus around which to drink and chat. Once it is over we will go back to playing in person on the 20th anniversary edition which is for 6.

  • @Gumpt1ous_v2 you mean it isn't locally hosted? That doesn't seem like a smart decision from the devs. The amount of computing power required to locally host this must be tiny and that way it would be totally scalable. If we can play quake death match in 1997 over duial-up then we should be able to play Catan as peers in 2020.

  • They don't want it decentralized because then they can't get any money out of the players. Also, I don't think 5-6 player would happen in the next 2 years.

  • We are all waiting the 5 player mode :/

  • Thumbs up! Add the 5-6 player version like in the actual board game! Thank you! :) We all want to play with multiple friends at once. @Developers

  • YES please we need a 5-6 player expansion. ASAP.

  • x89 on this. I would pay $10 to host a 6 person game

  • I just want to vote my support for the 5-6 player expansion. I'd pay another $5 for that. All sorts of people that don't have anything to do in the pandemic are starting to get into these classic board games. Help us give you more money!

  • I also would enjoy a 5-6 player version of Catan, Seafarers, and City and Knights. My friends and I have played for decades so we are fully aware of the time commitment, but it is a great way to spend a rainy day, or to keep the group together to chat and share about life as we play a game. With the ability to turn off the timer and just play with friends that you know are committed I am sure there will be quite a few who enjoy the option.

  • The 5-6 players expansions would be awesome, and I'd happily pay for them. We find our real-life 5p games are actually faster than 4p games thanks to the special build phase.

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