Favorite PlayCatan Memory

  • Hi Folks,
    Was sitting here reading the heartbreaking messages. It's like a hurricane hit our little alternative world and destroyed everything.

    As part of the grieving process, I was going down memory lane a bit and thinking about my favorite times playing catan online with playcatan.

    I think my all time favorite game was a monster 22 pointer Greater Catan that went for 2+ hours. I came back from below 5 points with the other 2 players at 16 or more and won. It was one of the most fun gaming experiences ever. Have also had some really satisfying simple C+K games at 13 points. Met loads of great people and even the "assholes" for the most part were probably just trying to win.

    I would take playing with the worst of you any time right now than this pile of junk. Of course I met many awesome people, many very fair players, some slow ones and some fast ones, others that seemingly counted cards, ones that could outthink and outmaneuver and others that were just plain dumb. I have felt both proud for some of the game moves and frustrated by dumb plays of my own. I have played and been distracted by great conversation, especially a few that I now think of as personal friends.

    I would get mad at the stupid sounds that playcatan had, I always always hit mute. I hated the UI bugs and the fact I couldn't present my own board or tweak the rules a bit. In retrospect all the bad things about playcatan, including the "mean" players were first world problems compared to our now new third world existence.

    TBT (AKA as many other names you know me by).

  • "faster please" - that's my memory

  • Are you still there?

  • LOL....faster please. Its so true, even the most moronic players were better than this experience.

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