Catan Universe fixes and roadmap

  • Dear Catanians,

    Our team is now entirely back in the office and is working full speed on resolving the issues you reported to us during the past weeks. We want to give you an outline of what we are working on and how we plan to resolve the known issues.

    But first:

    We have heard your feedback loud and clear and we are doing everything we can to tackle the current issues as fast as possible. We want Catan Universe to always be fun again and we want to thank you for your patience and understanding in the current situation.

    The actions we take:

    The first action we will take is to change the way we will deduct Elo/Karma if a game fails to initialize currently. After the next patch (1.8.5) matches won´t get counted to your Elo/Karma if something goes wrong during the initialization. Since Catan Universe is a multiplatform game, there will always be the chance of one client dropping at that critical stage. To amend these circumstances we will apply the mentioned changes. You can expect the Hotfix within the next 2 weeks.

    In order to resolve the reported issues while initiating games, our development team will rework and restructure the entire process. The goal is to have a reliable system even in times of very high demand on our servers. We are considering this restructuring (and recoding) as the only way to resolve the issues sustainably.

    Unfortunately, undertaking such measurements needs time. At the moment we are looking at 4 weeks of coding for the new and improved matchmaking system followed by a thorough testing phase with all our resources allocated to this. The rework of the matchmaking is of the highest priority to us and we will, therefore, postpone further development of the game for the time being.
    We are also in close contact with our server provider in order to further optimize the communication between our game and their infrastructure so that general server issues will occur way less often.

    As we announced a while back, there will be a second Cities and Knights Season once the new patch is released. This Season will have no entrance fee. This means you will be able to play again for the prices you might not have won due to technical errors.
    We want to thank all of you providing us with solid feedback over the past weeks, helping us to identify the issue. We do take the current situation very seriously and we want to let you know that all your feedback is read and taken into account.

    We will keep you updated on the development process. Please stay tuned in the weeks to come.

    The CATAN Universe Team

  • Catan Universe 1.8.5 Hotfix Info

    Hi Catanians,

    or developers finished working on the CU 1.8.5 Hotfix and we will start testing right away. The Hotfix will disable Elo and Karma calculation if a match can´t get initialized properly.
    If you get a message after the loading screen that the match was canceled, there won´t be an Elo or Karma reduction anymore after Hotfix 1.8.5.

    In addition, we added advanced logging mechanisms that will help our developers to identify issues much faster in the future.
    Once we have finished testing the Hotfix we will let you know.

    Please remember this is only step one of the actions we are taking to resolve multiplayer issues in Catan Universe. The Hotfix “only” disables Elo and Karma calculation for the corrupted game starts.

    Our team is still working full speed on re-coding the entire matchmaking system. The advanced logging will help us to identify the current “breaking points” more easily.

    The CATAN Universe Team

  • Hi Catanians,

    We have been able to identify and also resolve an issue with our servers.

    Since January 1rst we experienced unusually high response times from our servers that sometimes surpassed 500ms which is about 100 times more than our average.

    The high response time caused a variety of issues. Most notably error messages while queuing for matches or error message during matches.

    The root cause for the high response times has been performance issues of some of our underlying Databases.
    We optimized the way we address those databases and already applied that fix last evening. For the past 12 hours, we saw the response times being back to normal.

    This was the first crucial step in getting Catan Universe back on track. Meanwhile, our dev team has been working on Hotfix 1.8.5. With the servers back to normal, we can test the Hotfix under realistic circumstances again.

    If you are still experiencing issues with error messages, first please manually log out and back into your account to establish a new connection to our servers. Also, please let us know via our support channels.

    The CATAN Universe Team


  • Dear Catanians,

    In order to release Hotfix 1.8.5 we will perform server maintenances on Feb 11. at 11 am [CET].
    The server maintenances might take a few hours but we will do our best to keep the downtime as short as possible.

    Here you can read up on the changes we made with Hotfix 1.8.5:

    • Loading screen for multiplayer matches will now bring you back to the main menu if the match can´t get loaded correctly

    • If an Automatch fails to load correctly player won´t get Karma or Elo deducted

    • The process of reconnecting to an online match has been streamlined

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