GAME Cancelled Game Cancelled Game Cancelled

  • It's getting out of hand. Connection issues. Game many problems...
    What are you doing???

  • Just had a game where 2 colonies where at 1 road from each other...

  • Something that seems to happen to me a lot is I get matched up with two opponents. The kicktimer starts for the opponent whose turn it is. The kicktimer runs out, but this opponent doesn't get kicked and the AI doesn't take over. So my choice is to either wait forever or leave the game. Sometimes I even get kicked somehow even though it never gets to my turn to place my settlement.

  • Have same issue here - 2 turns one player wasn't doing anything, his turn was correctly skipped until he get 7. After that rogue immediately was played against me and only me (suppose because I was leading), and then this player turn never ended. I've spent around 15 minutes, tried to close the game and rejoin it 3 times with relaunching application.

  • UPD: Fun fact - I've ran game after more than hour, got message "you were kicked from last match", but my karma not decreased and... I've got a victory in multiplayer. That was my first multiplayer game and this is my first victory =\

  • today, connected on browser, i've started 2 games. during the game, i've got the "waiting screen" then go back to main menu with message box "game cancelled"

    seriously, it's a non free game ; i've paid to acceed to theses game, and more than half game are going to the end because of bugs

    thats a shame

  • @KingKendrick That is a very frequent problem for many players. The admin promised it would be taken :wrench: care of, but the developers will need some time :hourglass_flowing_sand: to find out how.

  • and again !!! many times to find 2 opponents for dragon fight game... and during we put cities, game was cancelled .... thats so boring

  • What about a REFUND? To many games cancelled half way

  • @Nehu never used to happen I believe the admin put some code on users who have been reported to only play a certain amount of time each game REFUND PLEASE

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