I want my money back, how about you?

  • Is it time for a class action lawsuit? First they make you pay for what is essentially a trial, then you have to buy the specific game boards you want to play and then they never work. The glitches are unacceptable and developers are doing nothing. Not one thing though they know about all the glitches. I want my money back!

  • Dude, the game was $5. Just call it quits and uninstall it. They don't give a rip about improving on the game. that's the reality here.

  • Well, today l got an answer from support. They are not that bad. Though it takes some time. Try their E-Mail.

  • @Callosum No, they don't give a shit about fixing this game.

  • @Callosum hahaha they’re not that bad. I respect your willingness to work with these people but realize you paid for a complete shit show experience here.

    It’s like paying for a roller coaster & they hand you a big wheel & tell you to live it up.

  • Actually I take that back. I don’t respect you. You sympathize with a company that takes people’s money and gives them a garbage product. That’s not respectable.

    I retract my statement.

  • I got my 5 bucks worth a long time ago. Granted it has been performing poorly for some time, but nothing to freak out about. I bet if they fixed it so elo didn’t suffer on server boots there’d be a lot less unhappiness.

  • @Mons00n1 said:

    I don’t respect you.

    Just for the protocol: I don't care.

  • @Callosum Excellent

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