Game is basically not function at all

  • Is everyone else having near 0% rate on game entrance? It appears to have trouble maintaining a connection long enough to find other players. Eventually if a game does load, I am booted almost immediately.

    I have checked my connection and WiFi against other clients and everything appears in order. Sadly, it appears that the online version of this game is no longer playable.

  • same here :(

  • I have now wasted two scrolls this weekend to try to get in and play Seafarers. I was able to play a couple games yesterday. Today I have not had any success getting into any room. It keeps tell me a server malfunction

  • @TheCarolingians Same, but my daughter is not having the same issue and is 5 feet away from me. Both using online browser version.

  • Same here

  • Same here

  • Ben happening for months for me. Welcome to the party! Devs & Admins either don’t care or are worthless. Send an email to a company who will ignore you. That’s what they say. Oh. Log out & log back in... yeah does NOTHING.

    I’ve been complaining for months. Browser, Stream, iOS all have horrific experiences.

  • I haven’t even been able to search for players let alone play a game. Is the server completely down?

  • Strangely, wifi doesn't work with the game at least for me at all. I always have to use mobile net which gets worse as soon as I start the game. Why so?

  • Same here, last week looked better for a while, but if I now press "Auto Play" nothing happens, so I can't play at all.....

    Shame on you @Moderators and @administrators !!! Especially for not reacting at all!!!!

  • I have been having the same issues. I can’t play at all. I can’t use the free match. It just says “searching for players” and not connecting me to anyone. I also can’t play anything using a scroll. Last week it was glitchy but it at least allowed me to play a game. I also can’t figure out how to buy anything in the store. Does anyone know how to do that? Is there a way to pay for a working app? I would do happily do that! Just let us know Catan Universe! I undefinedundefinedlove your game and want to give you money to play it!

  • It's finally doing better, but still overall horrible game play.

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