Playing since a year & Posting bug reports on Steam forums since a month

  • Hi guys,

    I'm playing Catan Universe since a year, and as you all know, things are not improving, sadly its getting worse everyday...

    Since a month, I decided to stop complaining alone in front of my screen, get out of the 'silent majority' and I started a thread on Catan Universe Steam official forums :

    In this thread I identified quite precisely several bugs, named them, and I posted each time one of those bugs (or when new ones occured).

    Even if obviously I'm a bit salty in what I wrote, I hoped that this kind of feedback may help the dev team to improve things, and at the beginning I hoped someone at Exozet will ask for more details to deep dive in those blocking issues and fix them urgently.

    It's been a month since I started it, and I get NO reaction from Exozet...

    I just discovered this other 'official ?' forum, and at first I was like "OH that's why I get no answer from Exozet on Steam forums, this is THE place !

    ... but no, the first thread I read was about Exozet not answering to anything on this forum just like on the Steam one ...

    Is this game REALLY an abandon-ware ?

    Do you know that they dare speak of Catan Universe as a great achievement on their commercial website !
    Do it have anything to do with the fact that Exozet was recently acquired by a much bigger company (named "Endava") ?
    Do this new mother-company know how bad this Exozet's product quality is ?
    And how bad they treat and ignore their clients ?
    Maybe we should reach them directly to make Exozet move ?

    See ya,

    Winston 42

  • I'd suggest reading on my 4938490348902 posts about how to contact em.

  • I read that "The whole team is in holidays and will come back soon with a fresh patch", so I gonna be patient a bit more, I dont want to harass anybody, its just that this NO ANSWER situation is unacceptable from the company (and not the humans inside it).

    As a developer, I can say this look much more like a project pushed too far too quick despite technical constraints more than under-skilled dev team.

    I bet they got a kinda "manager" who pushed them to release things to make fast money before the holidays (aka their C&K 'Season', LOL do they think they are Riot Games ?) and they had to rush it pushing broken-spaghetti-garbage-quick-and-dirty code just before going on vacation despite techies warnings to bosses.

    If I had someone to contact right now, it would be Catan GMBH, the owner of the Catan license, if I were the owner of a world-known award-winning board game concept, I will never let a company trash its name with such a low quality user experience.

    Or maybe Endava , if I were a huge group who had just bough a small company, I would not appreciate too see them trash my brand image with extremly low quality products.

    Harassing Exozet, will, at best, push managers to put useless pressure on the dev team, which will not solve anything, a project cannot went that bad without a HUGE team management or project management failure, more than a technical failure.

    ... my two cents

    Winston 42

  • We finally get an answer, as one said they're are humans, since they finally answered positively to our claim, we cant ask for more right now.

    They're talking about full recode of some parts, which is probably the good decision to take, let's give em some time to fix things up !

    Winston 42

  • @Winston42

    Meh, they still suck. Give fixes a month. A month too late.

  • fuck this game

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