Game is lagging to a point i can't enter a lobby

  • Every time I try to find a lobby of people to play in, it first takes too long time and even if I do find it, as soon as we enter the game it starts lagging so much that I can't even play. It doesn't show me what the other players are doing. It just gives me the option to pick a starting point and that's it. After that the game is unplayable and I need to reset. Care to fix the servers, so we can play normally???

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    I have similar problems. Not fun having paid for expansion, not being able to play.

  • Same, everytime it happens I report the player who is lagging hoping they’ll read the report and see complaints about how shitty the server is. It’s unplayable. I’ve never once left a game bc of rage quitting so my karma should be perfect but it’s 4/5 bc of the stupid servers. FIX THIS PROBLEM OR YOU WILL LOSE PLAYERS CATAN!

  • They don’t care about losing people. Leave they don’t care. Trust me. It’s almost like they hate their customers

  • They are frustrated as well, I guess.
    I still hope they can fix stuff.

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