Is this game still being supported?

  • Beginning 2 days ago I’m unable to play a game without getting kicked or it getting canceled before anyone makes a move.

    This game has always had connection issues requiring that I quit the game and restart it, but the issue has deteriorated dramatically in the last 2 days. I’ve read some posts here and I don’t see anyone offering support or an explanation.

    Is this game still getting supported?? I’d love my money back if it’s getting discontinued.

    If it is getting supported, Please start responding to your players complaints!


  • Same here. Browser and steam version as well.
    A year ago I tried it but had similar problems.
    Now I gave another chance but seems it's geting even worse.
    Freezing, tons of bugs, connection errors..

    Why would I pay for something like that? I'd love to buy expansions but I wont cause this is not support..

  • I almost have to laugh at reading this..... one really has reason to wonder since right now nothing seems to be working and the last few days have been the worst.... I guess they are all out to a long lunch or all on vacation. Is there an award for bad customer service????

  • Today I can't even start a game, much less get kicked out of one once it's started...

  • This game seems to be supported….. or supported…? Like from the beginning the game is bad supported. aswel bad written. I dont know but it seems like some clowns are in charge, that dont really care about there community.

    I MISS PLAYCATAN! The oldscool 2000 game that looks like shit, Always works and plays very fine.

    Catan universe has to shame themselfs for building a game like this. And now? 2 years later from start. Its still far from good!

    @Developers You advertise about a new DLC. But we all like you to stick your time into fixing bugs. This game dont need a DLC.
    This game needs a debug. And FAST! I suspect you have already drowned in your own shitty code.

  • @Tmmgeekette I have had same problem. Cannot get into online game.

  • I can’t stand how little these developers care!!!

  • I have played through many bugs and crashes. Now the cities and night weekend is here. I paid the five scroll......but wouldn’t you know I can get into the event or any game for that matter. I want someone to care and I want my money back!!!

  • Nothing works, I payed a bundle for the game and expansions, works one day, and now it didn't appear at my account and they said I have to pay to play. And there's no answer in the forum

  • My wild guess: at least one server crashed during season. All my access to stats and friends vanished twice. Once for hours, now like forever. I can't even play online anymore.

  • This is unacceptable. This is completely unacceptable to ANY company. IT systems should not lose any data. IT systems should not crash as hard. IT systems should be supported during holidays and weekends. Pay double salary to some developers if that is what it takes. Really, the whole ordeal has been disappointing to no end the whole 4-5 years it has been going on.

  • I couldn't agree more. What a fkng joke.. Any company sitting on these amounts of cash from it's customers should have no problem fixing this problem in under a week. Yet here we are unable to play a proper game for over a month. And it's getting worst instead of getting better. Unbelievable...

  • Finally my stuff is back and I can play again.
    Had to sign in & out twice.

  • @deimidis If you look for the support, you want to e-mail :e-mail: them directly, the forum is mostly peer advice :boy: :speech_balloon: :girl: , or sometimes admin.

  • I am having the same experience. Frequently when it does find matches and tries to begin the game, I see the error message "Error. Request was already processed." Or, if the game does start, it gets stuck on a player's turn an never kicks them out.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen Thanks, it worked yesterday, now today again didn't recognize what I bought. I will send an email

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