Want my scrolls back, how to contact admins?

  • Hello everybody. The whole season I've had bugs resulting in lost elo and lost karma.
    A players Kicktimer went to 0 and he didn't get substituted by an artificial intelligence.

    At the beginning for me it wasn't a big problem, but yesterday and today I tried to play and 8 games in a row the same problem happened.
    At the beginning of the season I had 5 stars, now only 2. I dont even want to talk to you about my ELO decrease.

    I would like to take back my subscription for the season-games and have my 5 scrolls back.

    Does anyone know how to contact the admins? They didnt answer to my mail to support@catanuniverse.com

    Thank you very much


  • @Lakritzcola They are not in on weekends and holidays, :sleeping: but they should be back on monday. Maybe you will get a response then.

  • Thank you for the fast response! I'll wait some more days then. In the meanwhile I'll make some screenshots to prove my point (:

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