Game is unplayable 1/3/2020

  • I have been trying to play a game for literally over an hour and every. single. game. crashes. This happens in a few different ways as I'm sure everyone knows:

    a- Match says Error: The match has ended upon entrance
    b- Match says Game Ended: One or more players has left the game or has a bad connection
    c- One of the players does not make their first placement in the set up phase and times out. Game continues to spin and essentially freezes. This is the worst of the (3) because a- if gives you hope the game will work and b- you're forced to quit the game resulting in negative ELO.

    I paid for this game specifically for Cities and Knights and additional scrolls so I could join my first season. My questions to the development team are:

    1. Have you identified the issues?
    2. Are there any fixes currently being worked on?
    3. When can we expect the game to be playable again?
    4. Are you going to issue any refunds of ELO or offer any other sort of compensation for the lack of playability for a game people have paid money for?

    My question for the community:
    Has anyone found any potential fixes on your end to help with playability? I've tried MacOS on browser, MacOS on Steam, iOS on iPad, and iOS on iPhone w/ wifi, and iOS on iPhone w/ 4G LTE, all with no luck. I've had over 20+ games crash in a row.

    I am extremely upset and irritated with the lack of communication, playability, and overall quality of this app, especially when it is not free or even cheap. Please fix.

  • I agree, happens all the time to me. No option but to exit game and lose ELO.

  • Same problem with me today on iPhone. Nothing new. Same old garbage from this app. I lose more Elo from failed games than from losing matches. Yes. Very frustrating app.

  • I haven't been able to play against real people at all since the last update or so, on my (android) phone. I have never been able to play on my laptop. Looks like I threw away my money.

  • Same.. had 1 successful game in 48 hours and after attempting about 20-30 times.

    if the game even starts without immediately getting canceled, and stays connected long enough for first moves, it usually kicks me before the game ends.

    This game has always had connection issues... constantly needing to restart my game, but at least it was quasi playable. but in the last 2 days... I just can't play. I've tried reinstalling it too. no dice.

    what gives?!

  • I had one successful game, one where the kicktimer didn’t work and now it doesn’t even show the current season and is glitching pretty bad.

  • Yup. Lately I've had multiple games fail to load or crash almost as soon as they load. Today I have not been able to get in automatch at all. It's as though the button is dead, it literally does nothing.

  • I generally don’t write reviews however I love Catan and this mobile app has so much potential and it is wasted on crappy servers and game breaking bugs, it is such a shame that I paid money to not do anything but watch a bunch of glitches on my screen!!!!

  • @smdavis me too, the last couple days

  • Fuck this shit, just need to find a new game. Either it doesn't load or the shitty algorithm fucks you over.

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