Cities and Knights Season Glitches

  • The amount of glitches and frozen games in this season is embarrassing. I paid for this season. I have lost about 100 points because i have been “kicked” or forced to quit frozen games. This needs to be fixed, and I want my 5 scrolls back. What are you doing about this Admin!?!?

  • Update: I’ve now been kicked out of 6 frozen games in a row, with my score dropping from 1090 to 1040. WTF!

  • Same with me. I had to leave five Games because of frozen Players. So may Score droped.
    The timer does not work as well.

  • I have expierienced exactly the same toddy and Yesterday. It is as if the problem is getting worse

  • Well, the first five games run a bit better than the last (much more than 5) .... no game came to an end. Always frozen... and unfortunately no Statement.
    No fun at all. Poor Season.

  • I was having the same problem, but now a cpu takes over for me while im still in the game... Devs please fix asap....

  • @Zuendi
    It’s been terrible...4 frozen games in a row today

  • Seems like quite the scam...charge everyone to play a season and the game doesn’t function!

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