Game Crashing at Beginning Phase Constantly

  • It looks like once you join a game, one of the players disconnects, ai doesn't take over, and the wait time doesn't disappear after the time is over. Or maybe it's just one of the players failing to connect to the game. Either me or another player is constantly failing to connect to the games.

    The other two/three players are just stuck in the game. When they reconnect, it takes them back into the stuck game.

    If you decide to leave the game, it costs you elo and stars. But there is no other way to leave the game other than to quit it appears.

    I will stop playing Catan Universe until this issue is dealt with. The game is literally unplayable.

  • I agree, same problem here.

  • Same here

  • The same happened to me. In the beginning of the last games it crashed constantly - it didn't went on. In the first game I tried this evening it crashed a bit later after some rounds of rolling the dice. The worst is that I had to leave games so often lateley (because the game didn't continue) that my Karma went down dramatically!

    I think thats really unfair because I had no choice but to leave the game. There was no way to continue playing ...

  • Same here.