Game kicking me out - again!!!

  • Game didn't even load and kicked me out on first round.
    Second time I kicked me out when placing my city.

    I've just lost 26 points from the season...

    This is the same bug as last month. Guys, you need better QA. We are paying for this. This is not a free service.

  • Happens to me all the time. Close to giving up.

  • same to me

  • It's constantly freezing and kicking me out of games too, or someone else gets kicked out. I've lost about 100 elo from this in the past couple weeks.

  • Tried almost 10 games today and all freeze up or just end instead of starting with black screen.
    What the heck is going on? @administrators @Developers @KOSMOS @Moderators @KlausTeuber

  • Same for me as well. I have tried over 30+ times to connect to a game and have not been able to.

  • +nod+ I've experienced the same problems& loss of ELO. I've had it happen where I could still chat via the game, but was showing as frozen/replaced by AI/kicked. So it wasn't a connection thing on my side. Also, I've not had a single problem when I play any of the single player games.

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