Online multiplayer networking issues are killing any enjoyment of this game.

  • I have had constant networking issues only with this game. Every other multiplayer online game we have works without problems. This includes other board games like Risk and Carcassonne, strategy games like Civilization and FPS like Call of Duty.

    Catan is the only game that constantly has multiplayer connection problems on every platform I used: Windows, Android and iOS.

    This has been constantly happening for the whole 2.5 years that I’ve played this game.

    My current connection is Gigabit Ethernet cable to the router then a 900/100 broadband connection - not quite Gigabit but Catan shouldn’t have any problem. So is there some problem with handling lag from being a long distance from the game servers?

    Anyway, I will probably uninstall this app for the last time because you couldn’t design a game to be more frustrating than Catan. This is what happens:

    • I am winning in games and being kicked because other players have decided to leave early.
    • Players leaving when they’re doing badly and causing me to be stuck in limbo: the game cannot finish but I get negative ELO if I leave. There are so many scenarios like this that all end up with no option to get out without my statistics being pillaged.
    • Winning games and getting negative ELO. Maybe there is some reason for this: can ELO be affected by other players reporting me because one game another player had a rant about me letting the third player win when I actually won at the end but not before that other player quit.
    • The networking problems get worse if you do sensible things like turning off trading to cut down the interruptions and time wasting from automated players sending unattractive offers three times every turn.
    • Increasing connection problems the longer I use the app without restarting it.
    • Plus many other issues that I will surely run into again and wish I’d recorded them ... oh, but I can avoid this by not playing again.

  • In the last day or so there have been whole new set of problems I haven’t seen before:

    • Twice, AI characters hang on their turn.
    • Once, the game entirely restarted when I was already on 6 points. But the game wouldn’t continue because at least one player had been lost. Maybe that player left earlier which precipitated the restart.

  • 3mal Passwort falsch eingegeben und dann war mein Profil blockiert. Wie hebt man das auf ?

  • Yeah, it's very frustrating. The laundry list of issues is nearly endless. I've lost over 100 elo points in the past 48 hours purely by getting randomly kicked from games, usually right at the start. My internet is exceptionally reliable as well, so the issue must be with the servers. Catan is honestly a pretty simple game, so there's really no excuse for this product to be nearly unplayable simply because the online multiplayer is appallingly inadequate...

  • @Noah_catan Wende dich an support. Aber soviel ich weiß, ist die Sperrung ohnehin befristet, eine Stunde oder so.

  • This morning I kept getting a new error on the Windows app from Steam:
    "Error server is blocked due to a long running script"

    This afternoon, I can't even search for a game. I can't get past "Auto match" and "Custom match". I click on the button and the screen flashes and sometimes I can see the next screen before I'm back to the same spot.

    21 Jan 2020 Unable to play. I can see in my network monitor that the application connects to Catan servers and has traffic. I just can't play.
    23 Jan 2020 Still unable to play.
    24 Jan 2020 Still unable to play.
    1 February 2020 Problems have largely disappeared after a server update and I log out and back in