Classic Honor Problems - Help?

  • Hi there, I am new to Catan online (about one day as FTP and 1.5 days now as a paid player). Speaking here of the base, Classic game, which has been my starting point. Here is my problem:

    -Join an auto-generated match with 2-3 other players.
    -One or more players drop out early, usually during the initial set-up phase. Sometimes there is a notice on this, but usually not.
    -I've learned to type something in chat early on. If everyone has left, the game tells me that the game was cancelled and leaves it to me to exit the game.
    -As I leave that game to search for another, I'm given the warning that leaving can damage ELO and Karma, but unless I want to sit alone in a game that isn't happening, I've no choice but to exit the game.
    -My Karma gets dinged because I am apparently a "quitter". Yesterday I was a Level One all day. This morning, I was a Level 7 with a Karma of 2. After the above happening a few times, I was back down to one.

    I have never quit a game-in-progress - ever. That's bad sportsmanship, IMO. But I HAVE exited several games in the scenario described above. I imagine that establishing friends in -game and finding a guild might help relieve this problem but I'd like to somehow maintain a real (as in: good) Karma rating just playing pick-up games too! After all, what guild is going to want to adopt a new member who is Level 9 with 1 Karma?

    Any help or advice? I've seen this topic posted here and there on the forums but there doesn't seem to be any answer or fix offered. Is this game just broken, where honor is concerned?

    Many thanks!

  • Nope this game is FULL of bugs. Karma & elo are meaningless and worthless. I’ve given up on the game. I still TRY to play but not going to give a crap if I get dropped or forced quit.

  • @garys.cmh I never leave a game either, :innocent: but the bugs :bug: in Catan Universe sometimes force you to leave a broken game, and loose Karma :star: points. :unamused: But everyone has this problem, so it evens :chart_with_downwards_trend: out, at least if you play a lot.

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