Unplayable, embarassing development

  • Embarrassing quality of the development team.
    To be ashamed.

    Unfortunately, despite being my favorite board game, it is so badly developed that every spirit of playing ahead passes.
    The brand owner should seriously think about asking the software developer for compensation, a job so badly done is not seen even in amateur productions.

    It's a real shame, because initially I was very tempted to buy the digital version of the game (I already have the physical one), but as it is, also a single euro will be a theft.

  • I so agree..... the previous PlayCatan had bad days too, but not even close to this constant headache.
    I have been trying to get into a game for about half and hour now..... Maybe they have banned me LOL..
    But this past week has been the pits..... There is much much room for improvement. Stop thinking of fancy graphics, get the basics working. PLEASE.

  • I have played through many bugs and crashes. Now the cities and night weekend is here. I paid the five scroll......but wouldn’t you know I can get into the event or any game for that matter. I want someone to care and I want my money back!!!

  • @Fortuna It’s been a complete shit show for over 6 months now. I have been very vocal about how terrible this client/server architecture is they have running here but obviously no one really honestly gives a damn.

    Make a new season! Make other variants! Make money on this garbage software before the users wake up and stop sending them $. That’s the only thing that could possibly get their attention.

    Just wait until the next Season! I’d imagine they’ll get roughly 10% of what they did this time. People will not be screwed twice by the same people.

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