Developers - Are you even listening to the community

  • Hello,
    Just a general question. It seems like that there's a lot of issues, and y'all aren't responsive to feedback/suggestions/bugs.
    Are you going to listen to the community and make improvements on this game?

  • I'd like to know as well. What are these guys doing? This has been going on for months now.

  • @F1oresta1 Months?? WHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This has been going on for years now! Catan universe is a big JOKE!
    They proven themselfs not able to code a (simple) game.
    I know children with the age of 16 that are able to code a better game then this game wil ever be.
    They have to shame of themself. And probably there is no money to hire a decent programmer to fix the shit.

  • I agree 100% with this post.

    Bugs and glitches are NEVER addressed or fixed, but they are happy to keep adding paid features. I wish there was something we could do to get these guys to listen. They clearly have zero interest in the game once they have got you to spend money on it.

  • administrators

  • Love the responses! I finally just deleted the app and will never support this company again, including the board games. A shame because it was a really fun game. It actually worked far better in the beta stages. Glitches and just plain broken gameplay that stole victories, took points, elo, and frustrated to the point of bringing out vulgarity from the calmest of players.

    Programmers/developers treat their players so poorly that it is hard to believe the game still exists. I can't imagine it will for much longer.

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