All game freezed since yesterday... 27/12

  • I tried 6 or 7 games...
    And it was impossible to play.

    The game crashed just at the beginning or one player froze...
    I lost 36 points in the tournament for nothing...

    really UNFAIR
    I saw others posts ... people want some changes... they paid and they think the quality is ot there.
    Hope the administrators will fix some issues.

  • Yes, this happens to everyone, my ELO is currently below 900 because I was kicked from at least 15 games and had another 20+ froze on me

    I posted 2 times with no reply

    The obvious and correct course of action for in regards to this issue is to :1234:

    1. Fix the bugs (I've posted a detailed list with most of them

    2. Give all the impacted players at least 1050 ELO

  • I play in the Browser and I might have 5-10 percent of games freezing, if that.

  • Might be your computers...

  • I’ve had probably 10-20% of games freeze, as in a player will get kicked but isn’t replaced by AI and doesn’t roll. I don’t understand how you can have a tournament under these circumstances. So terrible.

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