Worst servers ever.

  • Yep, the worst.

  • Ya, no app should be allowed to offer micro transactions and have server and app this pathetically unstable.

  • I saw note from Admin that crew is on vacation..... way to serve their customers.
    They have proven over and over again how much they care about their gaming community.
    PlayCatan had bugs too but they had moderators you could summon and there was better response.
    Since Klaus Teuber sold out to this outfit gaming fun has been severely diminished.
    Way to go to ruin a good name.

  • Zero multiplayer functionality the last 6 hours. Servers are holding CU back

  • @Fortuna Once you have sold :money_with_wings: something, you have no more controll over it. I dont think Klaus Teuber can be blamed for this. How could he have expected something like this to happen? Much more complicated games run without any problems!
    And now that we are stuck with this, uhm, software- snafu :poop: , what could Klaus Teuber do to fix this? It must be heartbreaking :crying_cat_face: to see a successful game like online-catan run into the ground.

  • Well, the game itself seems to run just fine, I've had no problem in single player. It's the server code (for multiplayer) that seems to be really flawed.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen

    I totally agree that multiplayer should run better. It is the worst multiplayer board game I’ve played on. Risk is rock solid for me despite having up to six players in games. The only reason I’m here is that Catan proves to be a better game than waiting 8 minutes between turns in Risk.

    Of course Klaus Teuber can take some of the responsibility for this situation. Many people sell their name care enough to make sure that products meet a good standard of quality. That doesn’t appear to be the case here. Maybe the game just wasn’t worth enough when he sold it so he took all the money he could get.

  • @JimyLee I want to rip my hair out... The worst servers, game kicks me out after 2 other players lagged out and then reduces my elo? WTF ADMINS FIX YOUR SERVERS

  • I’m sure Klaus NEVER wanted an online version of his games. He’s most likely chuckling at our grief.

    Play with friends & family because this game is a complete shit show.

  • @Mons00n1 PlayCatan ran online for many years without a hitch. Ask all the Catan Veterans, it was a completely different experience and great fun. There was also much more community contact, because the chat worked better. Those were the days...

  • @Rumpelstilzchen while I never played PlayCatan I have been playing for a long time both IRL & online.

    I started online with Java Catan it was extremely basic but it worked.

    Then I played Sea3D/Cities3D it was AMAZING.
    OpenGL implementation.
    Really impressive implementation!

    I never really bothered with PlayCatan. Not sure why. Sounds like I missed something good!

    Now we have this buggy POS platform. Seasons is over and it seems a little less buggy but STILL has major issues.

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