No placement unlimited time

  • I have played many games recently, and have seen many people who get mad they didn't get a certain placement decide to not place their 2nd settlement, the game shows a kick timer, counts down, does nothing. The game shows connection issues for that player, but they are in the game, just refusing to place hoping the other players will get frustrated and leave. I like playing games all the way through, and this irritates me as my star ranking thing drops because of these players. One player even refused to do his last placement, and some how kicked me??? I just don't understand how these exploits are not worked on. I just had a game end because a player refused to do placement, and right after I went from 5 stars to 4!!! It wasn't my fault, yet some how that player still has 5 stars? It is not my connection, it is not on my side. How many others have experienced this? Admins????? Any fix coming for this type of behavior, or at least fix in the game where we can kick these nonsense players?

  • I'm trying to figure out if players have figured out a way to freeze games so the other players quit and they win every time. When I am held up, I will let the screen stand for hours sometimes, just to see if they give up on this strategy, if it is indeed a strategy and not just a bug in the game.

    I've actually kept a list of players that do this.

  • It’s the complete joke of software developers who created this bug riddled game.

    No one is cheating. The players are getting disconnected/kicked directly into AI without warnings, they’re timing out and not seeing the kick timers etc.

    There’s so many bugs related to connectivity this company should just pull the plug on this sh1t show and re-write their client/server interface because it’s a complete and utter Piece of garbage.

  • @Mons00n1

    I found something peculiar today.. I went through my list of players that I have been in frozen games with on the ELO Boards and most were not on there anywhere. These were lvl 20 players (most of them). Why weren't they there?

  • @Mons00n1 SO glad it's not me. Fortunately we are in a time that this type of MAJOR glitch on a relatively simple game should not exist: unfortunately the developers haven't figured it out

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