placement bug

  • Hi,
    I m playing in the Catan 's tournament.
    Today (26/12/2019), i started games and I was kicked every times.
    Also, I lost points in the tournament and I think it's unfair...

  • another one... cursed day

  • Hello,

    I've bought 3 expansion patches only to find out that I CAN'T enjoy the game.

    In regards to the C&K turnament, it's full of bugs and I'm unable to either play nor have a fair assesment of my performace since out of 5 games at least 3 of them freeze on the first stage of the game (upon placeing the pieces)...even if I manage to get past that step, there's a 50% chance the game will kick me out for no reason (you've been kicked out of the game) or a false one (you took too long for 3 turns)

    I spent a lot of time in the game trying to win and boost my ELO only to find out that due to the bugs mentioned above and meny others my score keeps getting lower and lower because once a game freezes (whitch is 60%-70%of the time) the only way you can start fresh is if you quit...and if you quit it treats you as if you would abandon the game thus ruining your ELO...resulting in the lowest place possible in the turnament for example
    If this is the way you guys do business and if I won't get my ELO score fixed I will make sure to post my griefences on Instagram, Facebook and every other piece of social media I can find to make sure you stop treating customers who respect, love and PAY for this game with indifference and buggy game play

    A reply from your end would be nice

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