freeze of single game

  • I am playing the Dutch version. The game freezes when another player has its turn and the message "kies dobbelsteenwaarden" (chose number on the dices) apears. The wheel in the right hand corner turns and nothing happens any more.

  • This happens with the American version as well. If you mean nothing happens unless you quit, I get how annoy it is, especially when there's a message that says your elo will be lower if you quit. They need to come out with a better product, not a blanket message that says they will punish you for their crappy coding.

  • FWIW I gave up on Karma, ELO, really anything. I just hope & try to complete one game.

    Everything else here is a complete waste of time.

    People report issues on Steam, Browsers, iOS, USA, international etc....

    Log out... delete the app... log back in... get new seasons! Yeppie! FOGET THAT.

    I won’t give this team or their company a single penny until they figure out how to stabilize their network connections.

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